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Dental Hygiene


Dental hygiene is a very important part of keeping a healthy smile. Plaque removal is essential in the prevention and treatment of gum disease and dental decay. Good oral hygiene habits are the foundation to healthy teeth and gums and need to be established from childhood. During your hygiene appointment, the hygienist and dentist will use special tools and mild abrasive pastes designed specifically to clean teeth and gums, making sure to pay attention not just to the surfaces that are easy to see and access, but also areas that can be difficult to clean, including tight spaces between teeth and the area along and just below your gum line. At the end of your cleaning appointment, you'll be provided with tips and guidance that can help you address the areas that are currently being missed. They provide advice to patients on how to keep their teeth and gum healthy, showing use of toothbrushes and interdental aids tailored to fit individual needs as part of a prevention programme.

Regular hygiene sessions help maintain a healthy mouth, improving the look and feel of your teeth.

Additional cosmetic treatments such as ‘air flow’ can remove more stubborn deep bedded stains (e.g. deposits from smoking) from the surfaces of the teeth and can be performed in conjunction with a hygiene appointment.

At the Bretton Dental Practice we firmly believe in prevention, and our highly skilled hygienists play a central role in this.

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